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A Scopify Success Story


Hot leads per quarter


Hot leads to BANT conversion rate


Return on investment


  • 5 figure ($value) project secured within 3 months of using
  • New Prospect meetings lined up at top of funnel
  • $0 spent on any other business development and service
  • $0 spent on hiring for any extra business development or sales reps


OmniOnline is a Web Development company in Regina, Saskatchewan. With over 40 years of experience in helping businesses, they use their creativity and skills to help create and innovate websites. They want to help their customers develop a website that speaks true to their business, by making it more appealing or enlisting in marketing tools to raise better awareness. OmniOnline also strategizes in search engine optimization to ensure that their customers get the most attraction and best service, in every way possible.


Although OmniOnline is able to overcome any barrier, because they are located in a more secluded area such as Saskatchewan, it has been difficult to find the right customers in a province that has a variety of different needs. Throughout their growth, they have relied on inbound methods to find internal customers but this is no longer optimal with the growing presence of a consumer base that is outside of their reach. Being a small business presents challenges of its own due to having limited resources and more overload at the top for the decision maker, hence why affordability is essential. OmniOnline is looking for a way to find customers at a more rapid and efficient pace that allows them to walk into deals with certainty.


By reaching out to Scopify AI, OmniOnline was able to receive several benefits at a more affordable price. By using Scopify, they were able to find customers that are in need of web development and their services, which increased their chances of closing a successful deal. Scopify also ranked these potential leads so OmniOnline was made aware of the customers that are better off being approached. By conducting a personality analysis and generating a script for emailing and calling, OmniOnline was able to receive a method of communication that was routed in success because it was meant to target a specific customer. By analyzing tags on Twitter, Scopify AI was able to find common areas of interest between OmniOnline and the decision maker, at the targeted company. This allowed Scopify to provide managed meeting support and ensure that OmniChannel was able to land a project and customer that matched its best interests. All of this was done at a more efficient pace because it required less labour intensive work from an employee, since these leads were being generated by an equipped database system.






Company Size

20-51 employees

   We are seeing a 50X ROI with Scopify in the first 6 months. It does everything for you from finding in-market customers to booking qualified sales meetings. The automated SDR set up is helping us scale while keeping the customer acquisition cost quite low. 
Image of Paul Burch, CEO of OmniOnline Inc

Paul Burch

CEO, OmniOnline Inc.

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