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Ponera Group is an innovative logistic solution provider in the freight logistics market. Facing the demands and challenges of single-use customized pallets/crates, Ponera Group offers businesses a cost-reductive, environmentally sustainable solution without sacrificing convenience and flexibility. With a diverse selection of versatile modules, Ponera’s patented concepts can be used to create any surface areas needed.

Ponera Group's mission is to facilitate circular logistics through a smart modular reusable industrial packaging solution, which replaces single use and inefficient legacy packaging methods.

The Ponera Group Challenge - How to Maximize BANT-qualified leads

Even with an innovative and unique solution, Ponera Group found it challenging to scale up globally with the correct target audience. As a startup in a competitive logistics industry, Ponera Group needed to generate qualified leads from the right audience efficiently while not having to compromise on acquisition costs and internal resources.

Scopify AI set out to deliver Ponera Group real results with a thorough lead generation process and unparalleled customer experience.

The Scopify Solution - Hot leads and BANT conversion process

Scopify finds hot leads with intent after mining the open web based on the client's ideal customer profile. These leads are passed through our proprietary AI driven BANT qualification algorithm to qualify them for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline. A BANT qualified lead from Scopify has the highest chances of conversion into a positive revenue opportunity for our clients. Further, Scopify ranks each authority on a confidence matrix, to find the right person for outreach. The lead generation, qualification and outreach is done via AI and automations thereby reducing human involvement and giving our clients leads data which is actionable and not available anywhere else on the market.

Ponera Group uses the Scopify's BANT Solution

Using the Scopify platform, Ponera Group searched for intent keywords fitting to their ICP, resulting in a list of intent based BANT qualified leads. With real-time scoring, the platform provides actionable insights on the most potential leads. Next, the leads are sorted by priority for approach, by unlocking the authority value feature to gain verified information on decision-makers. As Scopify targeted leads via customized campaigns, continuous updates on data accuracy and follow up methods contribute to the conversion of the leads into prospective meetings.

Notably, using Scopify's persona ranking system, we prioritized their leads based on their confidence scores, thus eliminating spray and pray and only contacting the decision makers.

A/B Testing and Scopify's Feedback Mechanism

With accuracy and intent in mind, Scopify team designed the search to include potential freight manufacturing, logistics supplies and other prospects with specific shipping and packaging needs. Significant results in the logistic solutions demand helped us see the potential. Keyword strategy and tailored messaging to decision makers paved the way for constant outreach. With the BANT qualified leads, the teams received positive intent responses across platforms.

These BANT leads continue to be improved by the system from feedback collected from Scopify and Ponera Group.

Positive Revenue Opportunities

As of today, we are running multiple campaigns for Ponera Group to target prospects from Automotive Industries as well as those in Industrial Manufacturing with a positive response rate higher than industry standards. Ponera Group is booking meetings with potential clients globally while constantly contacting a pool of qualified leads without having to compromise on customer acquisition cost or investing in a sales rep department.

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   Scopify is bringing us leads which we had no idea even existed for us. Now the possibilities are endless! 
Image of Brain Michitti, VP of Sales at Ponera Group

Brain Michitti

VP of Sales at Ponera Group

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