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Scopify Plans

Scopify has plans for your Sales Top of Funnel (TOFU) lead generation, Middle of Funnel (MOFU) discovery and demo call booking and Bottom of Funnel (BOFU) proposal and closure management.

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Contacts * 4000
Positive intent leads * 60
Positive replies * 30
Campaigns 1
Qualified meetings Add on
Follow up call assists Add on
Proposal assists Add on
Campaign Optimization One Time
Retargeting Once
Extra bots Add on
Follow ups Basic
Nudge calls per month 20
Reporting Quarterly
Sales Training Add on
Funnel Management Add on
Zapier Integrations Add on
Monthly (in USD) 1999
Best Value
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Contacts * 8000
Positive intent leads * 120
Positive replies * 65
Campaigns 2
Qualified meetings 30
Follow up call assists 15
Proposal assists Add on
Campaign Optimization Quarterly
Retargeting Two Times
Extra bots 4
Follow ups Advanced
Nudge calls per month 30
Reporting Monthly
Sales Training Add on
Funnel Management Add on
Zapier Integrations 300 zaps/mo
Monthly (in USD) 3499
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Contacts * 12000
Positive intent leads * 180
Positive replies * 100
Campaigns 3
Qualified meetings 50
Follow up call assists 30
Proposal assists 10
Campaign Optimization Monthly
Retargeting Three Times
Extra bots 6
Follow ups Custom
Nudge calls per month 40
Reporting Bi Weekly
Sales Training
Funnel Management
Zapier Integrations 500 zaps/mo
Monthly (in USD) 5999
Contacts *
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Positive intent leads *
Tooltip text2
Positive replies *
Tooltip text2
Tooltip text2
Qualified meetings
Tooltip text2
Add on
Follow up call assists
Tooltip text2
Add on
Proposal assists
Tooltip text2
Add on
Add on
Campaign Optimization
Tooltip text2
One Time
Tooltip text2
Two Times
Three Times
Extra bots
Tooltip text2
Add on
Follow ups
Tooltip text2
Nudge calls per month
Tooltip text2
Tooltip text2
Bi Weekly
Sales Training
Tooltip text2
Add on
Add on
Funnel Management
Tooltip text2
Add on
Add on
Zapier Integrations
Tooltip text2
Add on
300 zaps/mo
500 zaps/mo
Monthly (in USD)
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* Sales Funnel numbers in plans are generated over a 6 month campaign period.

Every plan comes with the following basics



In-market prospects
Verified Emails


Automate your outreach
Outreach Scripts

Sales Copy

Customized sales copy
Relevant Signals

Nudge Calls

Meeting booking support
Decsion Making

Sales Team

Dedicated sales team
Authority Intel

AI Feedback loop

AI powered sales

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Pricing FAQs

  • What is a positive intent lead?

    When a contact responds to your message with what one would call a neutral reply (i.e. “get in touch with x person/department at my org”, “we do this internally right now”), a direct positive reply (see below) or when a contact takes action (like clicking to your website or calendly page from a sent email, connecting with you on LinkedIn, etc) implying the desire to learn more about your business or products/services. The goal is to follow-up on communications of positive intent to convert to positive replies and, later, to qualified meetings and so on down the sales funnel.

  • What is a positive reply?

    When a contact moves directly to communicate a desire to continue the conversation with you. They may ask for more information about you/your business/your products and services, to book a meeting, to avail your offer/freebie, or to follow-up sometime in the future. When they book a meeting directly through your Calendly link, that’s also constituted as a positive reply. The goal is to follow-up with positive replies to convert to qualified meetings and, later, to your MOFU funnel and down to closure. Scopify assists with moving your new “hot” lead down the funnel in our MOFU and BOFU packages.

  • What is the difference between a positive intent lead and a positive reply?

    Positive intent leads need just a little more nurturing, usually only another follow up message or two (depending on your sales strategy and prowess) before converting to a positive reply. Leads who provide a positive reply from the get-go have also established positive intent, we would just say that they are already hot and can be readily converted into a discovery/demo call or into next steps.

  • What is included in the different levels of follow ups (Basic, Advanced and Custom)?

    In the TOFU (Outbound Specialist) package, you will need to communicate to Scopify exactly what you would like our bots/people to say in response to any reply received by a contact we messaged via Email or LinkedIn. This is deemed Basic follow up and lead hand off is complete once we loop you in touch. Scopify recommends you provide your preferred response within 24-48 hours to keep the lead interested.

    In the MOFU (SDR) package, Scopify will be able to send templated responses, on your behalf, to most prospect replies received in the top of the sales funnel.* Scopify will then assist on continuing follow-up to move your new positive reply lead to discovery call to post discovery to MOFU meeting.

    *Custom responses may be necessary when prospects ask for specific information about your products or business that Scopify cannot answer based on not having inherent knowledge of your inner workings. Scopify will notify you if a custom response is needed from your end.

    In the BOFU (VP of Sales) package Scopify increases the amount of leads we will assist you on continuing follow-up to move to discovery to post discovery to MOFU meeting. Scopify will then also assist you in moving 10 leads down your funnel to prime them for your official proposal. Because Scopify will have engaged with you more thoroughly on your sales strategy, pitch, and marketing material, we will be able to own more of the follow-up, with less custom responses needed on your end.

  • How do we engage with the Scopify team and manage these processes?

    When working with Scopify, you will have a dedicated team that includes an account manager, campaign manager, data specialist, content writer, QA specialist, telesales manager, Campaign Optimizer, Sales Consultant (for MOFU and BOFU packages) and others (when appropriate). We will connect on weekly team sync calls to review campaign and connection updates from the previous week as well as any movements in your sales funnel. We will maintain all this information and communication through a private online repository and data dashboard.

  • What are nudge calls?

    Nudge calls are calls made to positive intent leads and leads who provided positive replies in order to encourage, or “nudge” a particular action (usually to book a discovery / demo with you). The typical use cases are to call (whenever direct phone numbers are available) new LinkedIn connections, leads who have clicked on your calendly link but did not follow through with booking a meeting, those who didn’t show up to a meeting they booked with you, or are otherwise “stuck in limbo” in between positive reply and discovery call.

  • Can I use nudge calls at different levels of the funnel?

    In the TOFU (Outbound Specialist) package, nudge calls are restricted exclusively to leads in the top of funnel. In the MOFU (SDR) package, nudge calls can be performed to encourage action for leads in the top or the middle (pre-proposal stage) of your funnel, when requested. In the BOFU (VP of Sales) package, nudge calls can be performed for any leads in any stage of your sales funnel.

  • What does my sales funnel look like with Scopify TOFU, MOFU, BOFU Packages?

    Minimum delivery numbers are listed in the pricing chart for all the sales funnel packages. Achieving those numbers requires constant work on our end and yours. We will assist you at every step and ensure we get to our minimum numbers. Getting to your sales targets from your side, depends on your general sales process and prowess. With that said, Scopify expects that more leads move down the funnel in each subsequent package i.e. more leads move down to your MOFU and BOFU funnels in subsequent packages.

  • What is included in Strategy Consulting sessions for proposal to closure conversion?

    You will have an exclusive call with our content development team before your campaign launches to solidify stronger sales copy. Scopify will also review and provide suggestions to you (from marketing and other perspectives) on some of your sales collateral like your website, pitch deck, one-pagers, etc. Upon launch of the campaign, Scopify will provide a sales training session on your discovery call and process (a role-play) to help maximize your efforts there. Later, Scopify Sales Experts and Consultants will have another session to review and provide consultation on your strategy for funnel management and moving post-discovery leads to MOFU meetings and BOFU leads to closure.

    In our weekly Team Sync meetings, Scopify and your Sales/Executive Teams will discuss and provide consultation on leads across your funnel. Scopify Sales Consultants will also be available during business hours to provide specific consultation on follow-up and conversion strategies for specific leads and manage responses (including nudge calls) at any point in your funnel.

  • At what stage of the campaign are extra scale up bots activated?

    Scale Up bots can be activated in various scenarios. Typically, this occurs in situations where your TAM (Total Addressable Market) is larger than the standard number of contacts allotted in your package or when you’d like to add an entirely new ICP/campaign. This can be activated at any stage in the campaign.