Get Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline intelligence on your customers

Create top-of-funnel with Pre-Qualified Leads with Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline (BANT) intelligence.

Prequalified leads, screen shot from Scopify platform

Generate leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile.

Pre-qualification with signals scored our proprietary BANT System™

Why is BANT necessary?

Lead pre-qualification is an important step to creating top of funnel. When your SDRs are looking for leads to email and call, intelligence of BANT will help them to reach out to leads that are in the market with a high BANT score.

Spend less and grow more

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Search the largest database of BANT Intel™ leads and save hours of your research time

Outreach Scripts

B2B Growth teams, say Hi to your new customers

Without creating any email spam and cold calling

Screenshot of outreach scripts produced by Scopify

Get your Decision makers with outreach scripts. Send messages through Scopify.

Book 3x more qualified meetings per sales rep per quarter.

What are Scopify outreach scripts?

Outreach scripts need to be relevant and crafted as per decision maker traits and the pain points they are looking to solve for. Doing this at scale by humans is hard so we get cold outreach and emails! Scopify outreach scripts are crafted per decision maker for your BANT intel leads. We have multi channel scripts so you can reach out to your decision makers with confidence and display thought leadership in every communication you make.

Spend less and grow more

Our AI generates persona based outreach scripts to maximize your qualified meeting efforts.

Meeting Booking Rep

Get a personal meeting booking rep to book you into more discoveries

Book more meetings with a meeting booking rep from Scopify

Image of a company executive

A rep that books you into more qualified meetings

Scopify provides a meeting booking rep to fill your calendar with qualified meetings.

What does a Scopify rep do?

Booking sales meetings is a full-time job! A Scopify sales rep manages the Scopify platform to find your ideal clients and books you into qualified sales meetings with them. Our reps also prepare you with the latest account intelligence that helps you sell and upsell your products and services during the meeting.

Spend less and grow more

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More qualified meetings equal more deals for you

VP of sales

Get an experienced VP of sales to work for you

Without paying the salary of a full time VP of sales

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Your VP of Sales is your gateway to growth. Finding and hiring one especially as a startup is challenging. That is why we have created packages that turn the job of a VP of Sales into a subscription service. It gets you started at a fractional cost and when the results come in, the whole thing pays for itself many times over.

Scopify Provides VP of sales as a service

After filling your top of funnel with BANT qualified leads and landing meetings with your decision makers, you need to focus on pitching, closing and scaling your business. Scopify provides all these services to you at a fractional cost of hiring a full time VP of sales.

Spend less and grow more

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Your VP of Sales will be wearing multiple hats from pitching to closing to scaling your business

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We deliver scale keeping your LTV-CAC ratio as high as possible