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SustLabs is a research-based IIT-Bombay startup that aims at inspiring energy efficiency on all levels. The Mumbai-based startup essentially deciphers real-time electricity consumption of the house all the way up to heavy appliances’ level just by analyzing smart meter data. In a way, SustLabs is unlocking the information potential of electricity supply to generate valuable insights for utilities, appliance manufacturers, market research companies, creating data-driven revenue opportunities.

The Sust Labs Challenge - How to sell globally with intent

Although SustLabs has a good presence in India, they lacked a significant global presence and were looking to scale. Targeting the right audience on a global level without a proper intent based approach is basically similar to finding a needle in a haystack. SustLabs found it challenging to hit the spot on this one and was looking for a solution to help them make the best out of their time and efforts.

They needed to target the right people at the right time and scale up without impacting their customer acquisition costs.

The Scopify Solution - Hot leads and BANT conversion process

Scopify finds hot leads with intent after mining the open web based on the client's ideal customer profile. These leads are passed through our proprietary AI driven BANT qualification algorithm to qualify them for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline. A BANT qualified lead from Scopify has the highest chances of conversion into a positive revenue opportunity for our clients. Further, Scopify ranks each authority on a confidence matrix, to find the right person for outreach. The lead generation, qualification and outreach is done via AI and automations thereby reducing human involvement and giving our clients leads data which is actionable and not available anywhere else on the market.

SustLabs uses the Scopify's BANT Solution

To get ahead of the global targeting challenge, Scopify started with an intent-based outreach across target locations. The first step was to create a list of comprehensive keywords to put in the system that would generate BANT qualified leads. The system enabled SustLabs to filter their results based on geography for a structured global outreach.

Additionally, using Scopify's persona ranking system, we prioritized their leads based on their confidence scores, thus eliminating spray and pray and reaching out to the right person in charge.

A/B Testing and Scopify's Feedback Mechanism

Taking intent into consideration, Scopify searched for prospects looking for smart products, OEMs, IoT products, etc, and targeted switchgear companies. While at it, we witnessed a huge surge in the intent coming from consumer electronics and decided to capitalize on the situation. We changed our keyword strategy and with that changed the dataset for decision-makers and our outreach messaging. The response to our new approach justified the surge from earlier- the BANT qualified leads doubled and so did the positive response.

The system also enabled them to give feedback on the BANT leads that refined the data even further and increased accuracy.

Positive Revenue Opportunities

As of today, we are running multiple campaigns for SustLabs to target prospects from Consumer Electronics as well as those in the Electric and Electronics with a positive response rate higher than industry standards. SustLabs is booking meetings with consumer electronics giants all over the globe and sending them high value proposals without having to hire an army of sales reps.

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11-50 employees

   Booking meeting with the likes of Voltas, Huawei, Vodafone was never this easy. We sell to enterprises and Scopify has been able to put us in the right rooms with the right people from companies in our Ideal Customer Profile. Their system has warmed us to the prospect of achieving record scale without investing in an army of human reps 
Image of Ishani Roy Choudhary, Senior Business Development Manager, SustLabs

Ishani Roy Choudhary

Senior Business Development Manager, SustLabs

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