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  • What is Scopify's two step meeting checkout process?

    Scopify’s two step meeting check out process is the most simplified way to boost revenue and lower customer acquisition cost for your company. Scopify’s first step is to automate the discovery and qualification of your leads. The second step is to activate messaging that can generate the highest number of positive replies from your touches and book decision makers into qualified meetings to get you a closing deal.

  • What are the different types of leads in Scopify?

    Scopify scores leads based on the quality of their BANT scores. A lead with a BANT score of 80 and above is a hot lead. Others with a score of less than 80 are warm leads.

  • What are sales scripts?

    Compiling the needs and pain points of your prospects takes time and the purpose of our sales scripts is to get your decision makers attention using the right set of messages and keywords without you having to spend countless hours on research and writing outreach copy.

    Scopify prepares the sales scripts for all decision makers for your leads based on their persona and their real time signal activity. When you order your sales scripts, you’ll find the real time signal activity mentioned in the square brackets portion within your scripts.

    To make your pitch hyper relevant to the pain point that the decision maker is facing, you’ll need to keep the following things handy at your end:

    1. A recent project of yours that relates to the real time signals mentioned for the decision maker in the scripts we generate.
    2. An article or a piece of information that you’ve come across which you’d like to share with them as it encapsulates your empathy towards their pain points.

    You can insert these in the portions of the scripts where it says [INSERT PROJECT], [INSERT ARTICLE] along with your personal contact information and start sending them to the decision makers of your leads.

    Please note that in some cases, Scopify may provide multiple relevant signals data for a decision maker (for instance, you will see a large string of comma separated values in square brackets in your scripts). In such cases you can select the most appropriate signal and match it with your pitch and past work when sending out your messages.

  • What is exclusivity?

    For leads where you feel you have the best chances of closing, you can use your credits to reserve Scopify data for just yourself.

  • What is a positive reply?

    A positive reply is defined when a prospect either wants to book a meeting with you, wants more information about your company, is interested in connecting with you, or passes the information to a relevant person in the prospect’s own company.