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A Scopify Success Story


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Ze Techno is a premier partner and a dedicated boutique of ServiceNow, committed to working on anything and everything related to digital transformation with their robust and reliable solutions.

Their digital transformation business and delivery experts recommend the right IT solutions to businesses as per their needs and objectives.

As of today, Ze Techno has enrolled over 35+ Global ServiceNow Implementations with 9+ ServiceNow years under their belt.

The ZeTechno challenge - Scaling up Without Human Capital

Ze techno, as an organization, is essentially a one-man army where the founder, Vidyasagar Petro manages everything from prospecting to pitching. Hence, scaling up without human capital was daunting. Scopify is a perfect fit for solopreneurs and CEOs who want real-time signals on clients and want to automate the entire lead generation, qualification and booking system.

The Scopify Solution - Hot leads and BANT conversion process

Scopify finds hot leads with intent after mining the open web based on the client's ideal customer profile. These leads are passed through our proprietary AI driven BANT qualification algorithm to qualify them for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline. A BANT qualified lead from Scopify has the highest chances of conversion into a positive revenue opportunity for our clients. Further, Scopify ranks each authority on a confidence matrix, to find the right person for outreach. The lead generation, qualification and outreach is done via AI and automations thereby reducing human involvement and giving our clients leads data which is actionable and not available anywhere else on the market.

Positive revenue opportunities with intent and persona targeting

Scopify started by searching intent keywords which prospective ZeTechno’s clients would be searching for. This was done using the Scopify platform which provided intent based BANT qualified leads. The system scored these BANT qualified leads and based on their ranking, Ze Techno could prioritize their outreach approach. The authority value feature unlocked the lead details along with relevant information on decision-makers. While Scopify targeted these leads via our campaigns, Ze techno continuously provided individual feedback on the Scopify system that enhanced data and target accuracy.

Case for multiple campaigns

Once ZeTechno tasted success, it doubled down on the campaigns and started targeting companies globally who were actively looking for services and assistance on the ServiceNow platform.

The campaigns landed multiple bookings for Ze Techno and filled its sales pipeline with qualified leads. Ze Techno is now well on its way to scaling up with limited human resources while also cutting down on the customer acquisition costs. With the automated booking system, they have one less thing to think about and are completely focused on closing the leads we bring to them.

Ze Techno





Company Size

11-50 employees

   Booking meetings while I sleep! Scopify’s intent based lead generation, qualification and booking system keeps booking qualified sales meetings on my calendar on repeat which has solved the problem of scale for me. 
Image of Vidyasagar Patro, Founder, Ze Techno

Vidyasagar Patro

Founder, Ze Techno

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