No more email, phone number, job titles, firmographic data based spray and pray

Find hot leads with Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT Intel™) in any company and get qualified meetings with the exact decision makers

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How it works

Enter topics relevant to your business and get matched with companies with urgent requirements

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1-800-Flowers Engineering Services Tools & Electronics United States Manufacturing-Computer Equipment


ACCOUNT NAME 1-800-Flowers
LEAD Engineering Services Tools & Electronics
GEOGRAPHY United States
INDUSTRY Manufacturing-Computer Equipment


What is BANT score?

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Get actionable intelligence with BANT IntelTM

Scopify searches for leads with Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline on your topics of interest

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Send curated messages at scale

Integrate our sales scripts with your LinkedIn and other outreach tools

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Book qualified meetings that close

Build a rinse and repeat sales model for your business

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Why Scopify?

Scopify is a managed business development assistant that uses AI and human potential to book 3x more sales meetings per month per sales rep in your company

Scopify builds your top of funnel with in-market customers by giving you the following,

On demand intelligence

Intelligence on demand

Get your In-Market customers with real time signals of their Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline intelligence



Convert Intelligence into positive interest. Scopify automates personalized decision maker outreach with our chatbots that connect to your LinkedIn and email



Multiply your sales spread by getting more chatbots and reach more authorities in your target market

Sales transformation

Sales transformation

Create an AI powered rinse and repeat sales model for yourself. Scopify learns from your feedback and gets better with every touch

Enahanced meeting support

Meeting support

Engage Scopify when you need human support booking meetings with your decision makers

Pricing that works for you

Pricing that works for you

Adjust plans based on your monthly sales target quotas. Only pay for what you need and when you need

Personas we work best with

Solopreneurs and Founders

Individual sales reps and executives looking for more qualified meetings on their calendars

Individual SDR

Sales and Marketing teams in B2B companies looking for prospect intelligence

Agencies & Product companies

Solopreneurs and CEOs who want real time signals on clients and have a smart sales tool in their back pocket

Trusted by clients

A smart business development assistant trusted by growth leaders from one-person startups to fortune 500 companies

Sales community falling in love with Scopify

Portrait of Anita Toth, Churn Consultant

I’m tired of the spray and pray approach to prospecting. Scopify helps me to narrowly focus on those people who are in-market for my services. This narrow focus immensely increases my chance for success.

Anita Toth Churn Consultant
Portrait of John Reel, Swifty Startups

Sales reps have been waiting for innovation to work in their favour and this looks like it.

John Reel Swifty Startups Inc
Portrait of Charlie Regis,

Scopify is a game changer in B2B sales. The first piece of intel which we got from Scopify had us scoping a 5-figure project opportunity. I am really excited that now I can sign in to Scopify and check out with qualified meetings.

Charlie Regis Co-Founder,

Case Studies

Read how Scopify is helping companies outsell their competition

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50x Return on investment

5% BANT qualified reply rate

5h/day Saved on account based sales

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You can select a plan based on your sales and go to market startegy. If you are not sure which plan works best, you can book a walkthrough meeting with one of our experts and we will build you a customized package.


  • BANT intel
  • Authority intel
  • Decision making cohort
  • Verified emails
  • Outreach scripts
  • Relevant signals


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